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EasyGluco Plus Line

EasyGluco Plus Meter

EasyGluco® PLUS Automatic Coding Blood Glucose Monitoring System

The EasyGluco® PLUS Meter is the newest tool from U.S. Diagnostics for managing your diabetes. The EasyGluco® PLUS Monitor reads the test strip and automatically sets the code providing easy, safe, quick, and comfortable testing. The Monitor gives you accurate and reliable results in just 5 seconds and it only requires 0.5ul of blood, a tiny sample size. You can now test your blood glucose from your upper arm, forearm, thigh, calf, ventral palm, dorsal hand as well as your fingertips.


  • Automatic Coding
  • LED Backlight
  • Alternate Site Testing
  • Tiny Sample Size (0.5ul)
  • Biosensor Technology
  • Results in 5 Seconds
  • Convenient Strip Ejector
  • Blood Applied, Capillary Action, Automatic start
  • Easy, Simple, and Accurate
  • 7-90 Days Plus Averaging
  • 365+ Test Memory


EasyGluco Plus Strips

EasyGluco® PLUS Test Strips - Box of 50

The EasyGluco® PLUS Test Strip automatically draws blood into the test strip, and shows you if there is enough blood for an accurate reading.


EasyGluco Plus Solution

EasyGluco® PLUS Control Solutions

The EasyGluco® PLUS Control Solution is used to test the accuracy of your EasyGluco® PLUS meter and test strips. Once applied to a test strip, the control solution confirms that the EasyGluco® PLUS meter's test results are in the expected range printed on the test strip vial. The EasyGluco® PLUS control solution tests should be performed at least once a week and every time a new vial of test strips is opened, also whenever you suspect the meter or test strips may not be functioning properly.


  • Small in size
  • 3.5 ml which allows for 200+ tests
  • New red coloring for easy use
  • Good for 3 months after first use


EasyGluco Plus USB Cable

EasyGluco® PLUS Software Cable

Our software cable allows you to connect your EasyGluco® PLUS blood glucose monitor with your PC through a USB port. Then use our Meter Software to view/print various graphs and charts of the results from your blood glucose test.


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