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New Verta Loc Line Of Products


New York, NY September, 2011

US Diagnostics Inc. is proud to introduce our new line of VertaLoc Orthotic Products. Our VertaLoc line of products includes a wide selection of knee, back, ankle and wrist braces which provide superior patient performance at a competitive price.

The VertaLoc Max and Knee OA are Osteoarthritis braces designed to provide support and stability to your knee. They are designed to target a wide variety of diagnoses including Osteoarthritis, mild fractures or for additional stability to relieve knee pain. The VertaLoc Pro is a Lumbar-sacral orthosis brace designed to maximize spinal support to your lower back. The VertaLoc Wrist with Thumb Spica is a wrist brace designed to bring stability and support to your hand and wrist to assist with carpel tunnel, sprains and localized arthritis. Please contact your local US Diagnostics representative for pricing and HCPCS codes.

New York, NY March, 2009

U.S. Diagnostics Inc. is proud to announce the introduction of the Infinity® Automatic Coding Blood Glucose Monitoring System joining our line of quality and competitively priced blood glucose monitoring products.

The Infinity® Monitor reads the test strip and automatically sets the code making testing easier and more accurate. Infinity® is approved for home and clinical use by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA).


More Choices:

The Control™ system can test your blood glucose from your forearm, thigh, calf, palm as well as fingers

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